The Songs 2

by Mario Strack

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The Songs 2 CD-album was released in 2005 on universal arts Galerie Studio edition. It contains 9 Songs dated from 2001 to 2005. They were written, composed, performed and engineered entirely by Mario Strack.


released October 8, 2005



all rights reserved


Mario Strack München, Germany

Mario Strack is a composer, performer and producer of "lyrical electro rock" - cross genre, cross era.

Born 4. 23. 1956 in Graz (Austria)

In 1993, together with his wife, the painter Jacqueline Ditt, he founded "universal arts", their own gallery and production-studio.

Today he lives and works as a free artist in Munich (Germany).
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Track Name: Lifestyle

Can you imagine having exotic dinners
Can you imagine sippin' Dom Perignon
And even if you already got that
You know exactly that this can't be wrong

Can you imagine wearing just Armani
Imagine Lagerfelds expensive smell
And even if you already got that
Show all the people that it suits you well because...

Lifestyle is what we all belong to
Lifestyle is what we seek
Lifestyle is that what makes the difference
Between the boomer and the freak

Can you imagine a penthouse in Manhattan
Can you imagine dining at the Ritz
And even if you already got that
Tell all the people that you know it fits because...

Can you imagine driving a Mercedes
Can you imagine flying only first
And even if you already got that
You know exactly what these things are worth because...

2001 Mario Strack
Track Name: E-Motion

Have you seen ?
Have you ever seen ?
Something that blew out all of your notion

Have you been ?
Have you ever been ?
Within something like an electric emotion

Well, than you might know..

I have been there once before and
It was me who was taken by the hand and..
I have seen this once before and
It was me who did not understand and..
We have done this once before and
Now it's you, doing it once again to me...

2002 Mario Strack
Track Name: The Beat
The Beat

It may be, that you have had a vision
And it may even be that you believe it's new
And it may be that you become a politician
That doesn't necessarily mean that this is true

Come on and think it over
Well, you better think twice
until you realize...

Once again it is the beat that drives the story
And once again we're driven into the groove
I will keep the pace for you so don't you worry
We'll keep on driving till these demons move...away...

It may be that you, don't know how to use it
And it may be that you can't even get your share
And it may be they are gone to treat you till you loose it
That doesn't necessarily mean that they don't care

2003 Mario Strack
Track Name: The Band
The Band

Somewhere on a fancy party
Someone's kickin' ass
Sniffin' lots of funny powders
leavin' quite a mess
Meanwhile, meanwhile the band plays rock 'n' roll

There's a way out of this time
For just the two of us in love
Your hands in my hands
We can reach the entrance

Somewhere on a lonely highway
Someone drives a car
Tries to flee his ol' life
Will not get him far

Somewhere in the heart of nature
Someone's pumpin' oil
Poisoning the water
Poisoning the soil

Somewhere in a foreign country
Someone takes a gun
Points it right against his brother
That's what ends all fun

Somewhere at an ivorytower
Someone writes a song
Putting in some real emotions
Make the words come strong

2003 Mario Strack
Track Name: Leaves

We start as buds
Inside a twig
We turn to where we face the light

Than we develope
And we unfold
Rhythm controlled by day and night
And than we tumble to the ground 'cause we are leaves

We got no ears
We got no tongue
So we don't listen we don't talk

Sometimes we're thousands
Upon a tree
Sometimes we're single on a stalk
And than we tumble to the ground 'cause we are...

Leaves are funny, leaves are nice,
Leaves are pretty green
Leaves are flat with edges and with points
Leaves are healthy, leaves are spice,
Leaves are never mean
Leaves they give you spinach give you joints
Sometimes we tumble to the ground because of leaves

In the beginning
We're sappy fresh
But soon we wilt and we decay

We change our colour
From green to brown
Shook of the trees and blown away
At least we crumble into soil 'cause we're just leaves

2004 Mario Strack
Track Name: Greenhouse in Space
Greenhouse in Space

Breathing in
What another one exhales
Drinking someones sweat

Swimming out
With the fishes and the whales
Wonder what they're at

Rising up
Where the birds might touch the sun
Drifting with the tide

Rooting down
To where the secret waters run
Soak them up inside

All of us we're living
Inside a greenhouse in space
Though every rock that we throw
Ricoches towards our own face
We sit on top of a mountain
Towered up from our own sins
Trying to keep our foolish grins down
We fall into disgrace

2004 Mario Strack
Track Name: The Secret Rockstar
The Secret Rockstar

Got a question like:
Why should one go out and
Kill somebody or be killed ?

Search the answer
There amongst the liars
They don't mind whose blood is spilled

Why don't you go and ask
The secret rockstar
He will not hesitate to tell you the simple truth
In his solid state of mental independence
He's not afraid, he's only singin' the blues

Got a question like:
Is there a god above us
Or what happens when we die ?

Search the answer
There amongst the hippokrits
They don't know, don't even try

2005 Mario Strack
Track Name: Generator

Generating a world
With electronic devices
Wipe the reality dirt
Off off the screens

Virtual dishes
Flavoured with digital spices
Turn into a flirt
With something unseen

Generating disciples
For a cyber religion
A robotic jesus
Holy silicon brain

Virtual wishes
Just release a white pigeon
Simply to please us
Inside an electric rain

2005 Mario Strack