The Songs 3

by Mario Strack

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The Songs 3 CD-EP was released in 2008 on universal arts Galerie Studio edition. It contains 4 Songs dated from 2006 to 2008. They were written, composed, performed and engineered entirely by Mario Strack.


released May 31, 2008

Written, composed, performed and produced by Mario Strack - (c) universal arts Galerie Studio GmbH



all rights reserved


Mario Strack München, Germany

Mario Strack is a composer, performer and producer of "lyrical electro rock" - cross genre, cross era.

Born 4. 23. 1956 in Graz (Austria)

In 1993, together with his wife, the painter Jacqueline Ditt, he founded "universal arts", their own gallery and production-studio.

Today he lives and works as a free artist in Munich (Germany).
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Track Name: Photograph

Observe the planet
Observe the oceans
Observe the land through cut glass eyes
Observe the cities
Observe the buildings
Observe the people in disguise

And keep them as a
Photograph, photography photographer
Photograph, contrast sharpness tint and blur
Photograph, photography photographer
Photograph, trigger shutter aperture

Explore the mammals
Explore the humans
Explore the ladys naked skin
Explore the grimacing
Explore the faces
Explore the smile the sneer the grin

Expose the underdogs
Expose the privileged
Expose the richly and the poor
Expose the powerful
Expose the helpless
Expose and focus, click and store

2006 Mario Strack
Track Name: Un Film Francais
Un Film Francais

Blazing guns and crashing cars
Tombstones in the central cemetery
Rugged heroes shoot phoney preachers and
Ride into the setting sun

Close relationships, menage a troir
Mighty big boss sexy secretary
Creepy crawling alien creatures
Running scared means having fun

Un film francais
Ein deutscher Film
An american movie
Un film francais
Cinema italiano
Let's see what's on the screen tonight

Glamour stars and talented actors
We decide who's a celebrity
Rolling out all the red carpets in
Berlin, venice, cannes and hollywood

Interview with some smart directors
Feature film and dokumentary
Haute couture for sultry starlettes
You can reach the top and stay for good

2007 Mario Strack
Track Name: Disarmament

We got aircraft carriers and battlecruisers
We got frigates, corvettes too
We got amphibious little assault ships
Mighty destroyers are the clue

We got minesweepers and we got minehunters
And we got torpedo boats
We got submarines that enrich the scenes
Of "naval warfare" whatever it denotes

But what about disarmament?
Will you please tell the people where the billions went?
Hey how about disarmament?
Is it really true that every cent is spent on death
Death and destruction

We got reconnaissance planes and cruise missiles
We got strategic bombers and jet fighters too
And we got spy satellites up in the sky
Watching every breath and every move we do

Intercontinental ballistic missiles
Missiles specifically made for ground attack
Surveillance radar for earlier detection
While helicopter gunships shoot you in the back

We got automatic rifles and machine guns
We got battle tanks and autocannons too
We got anti-tank rocket launchers
And bayonets are nothing new

We got light mortars and towed howitzers
And anti-aircraft artillery
Smitten by the charms of modern fireams
No one seems to disagree

2007 Mario Strack
Track Name: Soundtrack

Beat by beat
And bar by bar
Chord by chord
And key by key

Just a syncopated melody
Woven in harmony and backed by the rhythm

Follow the soundtrack
Trace the notes and take a trip back
To the songs that have guided you
From the days of your youth until today

Hit by a flashback
Buried deep in your cd-stack
All the bands that have raddled you
Heal the scars of your soul now while they play

2008 Mario Strack