Songs and Tunes

by Mario Strack

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The "Songs and Tunes" CD-album contains 4 songs and 5 instumental tracks dated from 2008 to 2010.
They are written, composed, performed and engineered entirely by Mario Strack.


released October 9, 2010



all rights reserved


Mario Strack München, Germany

Mario Strack is a composer, performer and producer of "lyrical electro rock" - cross genre, cross era.

Born 4. 23. 1956 in Graz (Austria)

In 1993, together with his wife, the painter Jacqueline Ditt, he founded "universal arts", their own gallery and production-studio.

Today he lives and works as a free artist in Munich (Germany).
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Track Name: She Said
She said

Why don't you take my hand
And walk this way with me she said

I'll show you something nice
Something I'm sure of
You will like it very well she said

I'll lead you to this land
Where we belong to be she said

We can afford the price
To take this tour off
Right in time as time will tell she said

And we just fell into
A stream of milk and honey
But we were not afraid
To dive into the deep

The merchants sell a few
A dream of silk and money
But they get never paid
Until we fall asleep

Why don't we skip this part
It's useless anyway she said

We could be running free
And never look back
To the yesterdays of pain she said

The subject turns to art
So use it every day she said

Not blind enough to see
We lay the new track
For the everlasting train she said

2008 Mario Strack
Track Name: Hardware

You got a plan
To screw the world
By fasten all the goods
They are about to give away for free

Nuts and bolts will do the job
To mount them somewhere out of reach
Nuts and bolts will do the job
Communication without speech

Another plan
To hose the beast
And nail it's tail on to
The bottom of the cage it's living in

Brads and pins will do the job
To mount it at a proper place
Brads and pins will do the job
Advisable in every case

2009 Mario Strack
Track Name: Yourself

Slap yourself on the forehead
Or kick yourself in the ass
If you haven't been warned yet
All of your chances may pass

You should know
Were ever you go
It's all about...

Peep yourself in the mirror
Look yourself straight in the eye
It has never been clearer
Not even you can deny

All you know
Were ever you go
It's all about...

You, you and yourself
Nobody else could ever do what you have done
Done to yourself
Only yourself
Nobody else

Twist yourself into poses
Proclaim yourself as a star
In the sweet smell of roses
Living is better by far

Now you know
This is your show
It's all about...

2009 Mario Strack
Track Name: Nothing

This one goes out and will be
Received by no one 'cause the
Lyrics are about and mean nothing

These guys they say you got to
Have to tell the story well such
Diligence always makes me laughing

Not a word about environment destruction
And not a syllable of sharpest contradiction
No single statement 'bout political corruption
Not any vocable will mention love or friction

Simply nothing
Nothing at all

This one's on offer but it
Will be paid by no one because
Art to the market means nothing

These guys they show you how to
Earn a buck for glory well such
Confidence sometimes keeps me laughing

This one's related to and
It applies to no one any
Weight of the words will move nothing

These guys they force you to believe
It's hunky-dory such
Ambivalence is apt to stop me laughing

2010 Mario Strack